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Bryan Leigh Smith is known for her Rhinestone Cowgirl anthem, her dynamic dance moves and her cameo in LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" music video. 

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Music Videos

WANTED for being a liberated woman, Bryan Leigh Smith, the Rhinestone Cowgirl, has been dancing how she wants to for 37 years and counting. The rising star says, “Being a 39-year-old pop artist can be scary.I feel vulnerable as a mature adult in this youth obsessed industry. Taking part in professional dance classes and performing on camera and on stages with people who could literally be my children is wild! I do wonder how long this can last: the upkeep, the beauty, the body, the enthusiasm, the desire to do it, the energy, my feet, etc. I’m almost forty and sometimes the thought of it all gets to me, but I know better than that!

Her Music Video, “Rhinestone Cowgirl” expresses the freedom that Bryan Leigh Smith exudes. “You would never know her age,” her dancer friends tell us. That girl is seemingly bootin’ scootin’ boogying all over the place. There is a childlike energy about her and the duality of her overt-sexuality is invigorating. The Rhinestone Cowgirl Music Video is full of sparkles, cowgirls, big saloon energy, glamour, a girl fight, dancing and poling! Miss Bryan Leigh Smith is showcasing her athletic abilities on the pole in this sexy and campy music video. Check it out on her Youtube Channel

Most recently, our Rhinestone Cowgirl, released a cover of Kid Rock's hit song "Cowboy" on 4/20/2023.

She celebrated the release with friends on zoom and privately

premiered her new music video at the celebration to accompany the new single.

The music video for Cowboy (cowgirl version) will be officially released on May 16th 2023 at 7:00pm PST. The music video, was shot and edited by

Ewelina Polnicka, directed and produced by Bryan Leigh Smith.

Bryan says, "This Is such a great follow up to my last cowgirl song, "Rhinestone Cowgirl" I can't wait to perform them live in a set together." Check out Bryan's IG for clips from the official video.  

I know that at any age we can transcend all that age focused-social-conditioning to express ourselves to the fullest and inspire other people to do the same. By expressing my artistry in this way, I am giving others full permission to dance how they want to, to feel sexy, and remind them that there is no age limit!”

Best known for her close-up as the biker chick in LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” music video, her half-a-second rioter moment in Rihanna’s “Diamond” music video, and her episode on the Bam Margera Game Show, Bryan Leigh Smith has been doing the Hollywood thing since moving from her hometown of Savannah in 2009. It’s been a long ride for this cowgirl and the Madonna doppelgänger feels sweet relief because finally she is living her dreams.  Last December, she released her first big music video.

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