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Crush on You 



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the visual 

Rhinestone Cowgirl: The Visual

I always knew I was gonna be a cowgirl when I grew up.  I wasn't sure how, but I was gonna make it happen.  I've always thought of the cowgirl as the perfect mix of masculinity and femininity rolled into one, and that's my JAM! 

This project has been a complete dream. The whole cowgirl thing has been marinating in my mind for about a decade and I finally made it happen.  It's been a slow burn.  One of my most recent favorite quotes is "Slowly is the fastest way to get where you want to be."

That is how this music video was made SLOWLY.  

The song itself took me over a year to complete from beat to recording, and the video took another 9 months.  I'm so proud of how it turned out and I am already planning the next video. Directing and producing was so fulfilling, I absolutely loved creating this whole visual and the people I worked with were an absolute dream.  Please click on the video, like and subscribe to my new youtube music channel.  I'm starting over from scratch and I can use your help! 

Thanks for being a part of my journey!

COWBOY (Cowgirl Version) : The Cover and the Visual

I always knew I was gonna be a cowgirl when I grew up.  Ha! and here we are again!  Still making my childhood cowgirl dreams come true.  on 4/20/23 I will release my first cover song, "Cowboy" (cowgirl version) .  

When I was 21-25 years old I danced on a bar as a dancing bartender at a Coyote Ugly copy cat bar in Savannah GA.  We had a routine to Kid Rock's song and that hit became my go to karaoke song for years!  I always wanted to get it recorded and cover it as an artist and I am so proud to have brought this project to fruition. 


Cowboy (Cowgirl Version) 

Kid Rock Cover

by Bryan Leigh Smith

Executive Producer: Bryan Leigh Smith

Lead Producer: Bryan Leigh Smith

Director: Ewelina Polnicka 

Director of Photography: Ewelina Polnicka

Production Assistant: Puja Jain


Click the covers to listen! 

final2.0 Kid Rock Cowboy (cowgirl version) Cover Art  copy 2.jpeg

Click the covers to listen! 

100000 MVcrush on you COVER  copy.jpg
Partners in Crime Official Cover3k.jpg
album cover 1 riverboat queen 1 5.6.22_BRYAN_0304 copy.jpg
dance with me 333  resize .jpg

Female MC Los Angeles 

Female DJ Los Angeles 

Female Emcee Los Angeles 

Sexy MC Los Angeles 

Sexy Female Emcee Los Angeles 

Sexy Female MC Los Angeles 

RHINESTONE COWGIRL PINK bryan leigh smith.jpg

Bryan Leigh Smith is a Musical Artist: Dancer, Recording Artist, Female Emcee, and Female DJ in Los Angeles, CA.  She loves all things performance art and is available for hire in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas area for parties, events and night clubs. 

Bryan Leigh Smith has been entertaining party guests as a dancer and performer in Los Angeles for 13 years and counting.  From dancing at night clubs, bachelorette parties and concerts to Emcee (ing ) /DJ ing birthdays, weddings and mitzvahs to booking and playing her own musical shows at the Whisky a Go Go and other famous nightclubs in los Angeles, Bryan Leigh Smith is sure to bring the fire and excitement to your next event!  

Bryan Leigh is a shiny Sagittarian soul from Savannah, GA and yes, she is a PEACH!  With that southern hospitality and a charm that everyone loves, Bryan Leigh is sure to get the party jumpin'.  She refers to herself as, "a party in a box.  I show up with the music, the dancing and the party favors.  Like Ke$ha says, 'the party don't start till I walk in' and that's the damn truth baby! " 

Bryan loves nothing more than collaborating with artists and party guests to create the most memorable events.  She is a self help book guru and her main goal is always to inspire others to be themselves and DANCE How They Want To! 

Self dubbed as the Rhinestone Cowgirl, Bryan Leigh Smith brings a fun southern flare to all her performances.  Her new single from June 2022 has all the Pop Country vibes a girl could want.  It's an anthem for sparkly cowgirls everywhere to be themselves and twerk how they want to! That's right, the lyrics clearly state, "Can't tell me nothin', no, I dance how I want, to the left to the right lasso kick it and run, Can't tell me nothin' no, I dance how I want, Girl you better twerk it and get you some!"  That's right ya'll, this rhinestone cowgirl is here to encourage you to DANCE how you want to when you want to!  So, let's get this party started shall we? :) 

Open for bookings NOW!  

Bryan Leigh has released 7 new singles over the past year and is excited to share performance dates with you this summer.

Are you looking for a performer or female emcee?

Book Bryan Leigh now by emailing 

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