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Bryan Leigh Smith

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"American country, dance,  pop superstar, Bryan Leigh Smith, releases a few debut singles mid 2022".  

Bryan Leigh Smith, born and raised in Savannah, Georgia is a life long dancer, a true Southern Belle, and she just released two singles this summer, 2022!


Formerly know as b-Ryan, a hiphop/pop artist, Bryan has rebranded her music with her given name, Bryan Leigh Smith and is changing her sound. Her first song under her new branding is a country pop anthem called Rhinestone Cowgirl for all the Glittering Cowgirls of the world! 


Riverboat Queen was released just one month after Rhinestone Cowgirl and gives r&b/rock/pop vibes.   


Great News!!! Lady Bryan Leigh is releasing a new song each month for the remainder of 2022!  She's on a mission to break through in the Music industry and all astrologers agree that she will.  She loves astrology.

Be on the look out for new Bryan Leigh Smith merchandise including Rhinestone Cowgirl Posters, t shirts, smoke accessories and more!!! 

Bryan will perform all of her new songs and various venues all over the country.  Hit her up if you want her to come to your city! 

Her live shows consist of dance, inspirational talks, acrobatics and major theatrics. Check this superstar out live or online. 


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Voyage LA Magazine 

My story begins in the deep south, a town called Savannah, GA. You know the bench that Forrest Gump sat on while he told his stories? That’s where I was born and raised.

A true southern belle, a Georgia peach at heart, a Cali girl in the flesh, Bryan Leigh Smith is my name. Having my roots in the south really gives me a lot of culture and inspiration to pull from......

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